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Ecocar dealer program

  • Ecocar dealer program

  • Requirements For Ecocar Dealership

  • A showroom of around 1500-2000 square ft. You require a service area of 5 bays. Another investment for room and infrastructure. You need a yard to carry a month's product. You could get a mortgage on the property.

  • The desire to purchase a month's inventory. Around investment will be required for this. Banks can give you loans to purchase stock, with the stock being the collateral. Hire a good Team of at least 15 people—the need to hire persons directly from the GM to the cleaning workers.

  • Need to provide adequate money to pay running costs, such as employment, power, generator, and over a minimum duration of 6 months. To meet the break-even expectations, have good marketing staff.

  • For new hires, the training made available by Ecocar to dealership employees is always lost. The most experienced dealerships included those as their regular driver for dealership management and sales employees. The most interested workers even had EV's to use at the dealership and the house of the dealer values. Daily use of electric vehicles helped dealership workers understand and better convey EVs Consumers’ value proposition with opportunity.

  • Electrical infrastructure installation should cover the servicing area and the dealership front. Similar to a car wash, many clients require their electric vehicle to be charged during service. For customers and other electric car drivers, the charging facility in front of the dealership could be crucial.

Tel: +1 224-676-8419

1940 S. Jonstone Pl.

Bartlesville, OK 74003


Investor relations and investor information request.


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