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Eco X2 



2023 Zero Emission E1X

Hyper X

Hyper Drive Technology


Its simply sun powered by solar panels and it will get you there :)

Powered by Space Tech!!

Green energy by sunlight and water,

Using the same energy that your house plants uses.

"The Peoples Car"

The vehicle is powered by solar panels that use the sun's energy to operate. This technology is part of the space industry and is environmentally friendly, using only sunlight and water to generate power. It operates similarly to house plants, which also use sunlight to grow. This car, also known as The Peoples Car, does not require charging for most daily use, making it very convenient for drivers. It can travel at high speeds and easily surpass gas stations, recharging stations, repair shops, and tire stores. Although it may not be the fastest car on the market, it is one of the most energy-efficient vehicles available. Furthermore, this car has impressive acceleration capabilities and can go from 0-60 MPH in just three seconds.


Be Cool and Think smart :) 

Ecocar Technologies

It's WATTS Inside

Go into Hyper Drive with Hyper X Technologiies


Ecocar EV

Eco X2

About the X SEVx mode:

Although the car can be charged externally it's not required during normal daily use.

Our little car isn't so much.

some people who drive our little car Think smart.

don't even think 450+ miles is going any great distance.

Or using 0 pints of oil instead of five to eight quarts of oil.
Or never needing anti-freeze.
Or racking up 40,000 miles on a set of tires.

That's because once you get used to some of our economies, you don't even
think about them any more.
Except when you squeeze into a small parking spot.

Or renew your small insurance.

Or pay a small repair bill.

Or not putting gas in it.

Or not putting oil in it
Or trade in your old Eco for a
new one.

Think it over.




Eco X2

Solar  SEVx


Eco X Self Powered by the Sun

Solar cells are seamlessly integrated into the body of the car and can add 70 Miles, on average per day (up to 490 Miles) per week, (on solar charging alone) of driving range to the car's battery, through the power of the sun.


This creates full self-sufficiency over short distances. 


in combination with using our ECO SEVx technology (this is using diffrent technologies in combination with each other) we can average an extra 300 Miles per day, on a full charge to the battery bank will push the car to an additional 350 miles.


lets do the math on that?  350 + 300 + 70 =  720 Miles a Day!


We doubt you coulld drive that distance everday but if you need to go a long way, you can do it, without stopping at a charging station. 



A different approach 

100% Renewable Energy

Our company is a distinguished manufacturer of The Ecocar SEVx (Solar Electric Vehicle With Range Extender) and we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.


With our cutting-edge technology, we are revolutionizing the automotive industry and providing eco-conscious drivers with exceptional vehicles that merge form, function, and sustainability. Our flagship model, the Ecocar X, is an excellent example of our vision for the future of driving, and we are excited to share our progress with you.


This innovative car runs on a combination of Electricity, Solar, and Range Extender, and has been designed with sustainability in mind.


One of the standout features of the Ecocar X is its use of solar energy. The car is equipped with solar panels on its roof, generating an impressive 800W of power.


This feature ensures that the car can recharge its battery using sunlight, reducing the need for external charging stations and providing greater convenience to drivers by extending the distance for travel.

#technology #future #sustainability


Eco X2


A range of 450+ miles and 700 + miles using the X Extender self-powered unit


Presenting America's slowest

Electric Vehicle


The Ecocar won't go over 71 mph. Even though the speedometer shows a wildly optimistic top speed of 100 So you can easily break almost any speed low in the country in a Ecocar.

And you can also cruise right past the recharging stations,  gas stations, repair shops and tire stores.

The Ecocar may not be the fastest, but it's among the most advanced energy efficinant vehicle, you will never need to charge between charges. The Ecocar batteries will never freeze up or get hot.



Ecocar Green Energy_edited.png


A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

100% Renewable Energy

Sustainability has become such a loaded buzzword. We can assure you - it hasn't for us. We care deeply about the earth, climate friendliness, and the impact Ecocar Motors and the Eco iX will have on this planet. To reduce both our own and your footprint to a minimum, we will offset all unavoidable CO₂ emissions produced throughout the EcoCar manufacturing process. And, by the way, your Ecocar is going to be produced with 100% renewable energy.


Eco iX


Model Eco iX

L* W * H :3994*1618*1511(mm)

Wheel Base:2400 mm 

Driving Mileage:700 KM(40km/h)( E-mode)


E-mode:top speed 35-40km/h;

D-mode:top speed 65-70km/h; 


Unladen Ground Clearance:170 mm


Curb weight:950 KG 

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 10_edited.jpg


Eco iX


The Hybriid Eco iX

is very affordable to own and economical

About the iX Hybrid mode:


when the battery is fully charged, the battery-driven motor works and the engine does not participate in the work. When the battery is low, the engine starts to charge the battery while the vehicle is in motion. When the battery is fully charged, the engine stops working. The solar system charges the car continuously during the day and automatically shuts off power when it is fully charged


Eco X2

Solar SEVx

The Family Car


The Hybrid Eco X2 The Simple and Affordable

to own an economical family solution.

Enjoy the Planet and the Sun


Contact Sales for more information.

Global Deliver

A range of 450 + miles 700 + miles using the X Extender self-powered unit that makes this car very Affordable for any college student, picking up the groceries or just an all-around fun and environmentally friendly vehicle while keeping the world safer from Co2 omissions. 

Financing options are available.

Federal and State Tax incentives are also Available its possible to save around $10,000 USD. Contact us for more details so we can help you determine your options.

The car is in production and we can ship it to almost any country in the world, some countries offer import duty-free and tax incentives.

Backed by our 8-year warranty. up to 100,000 Miles.

Peace of mind.

Base Price:

MSRP $24,000 USD

Over 15,000 Reservations to date


Tel: +1 224-676-8419


Global Service Areas:  USA - EU - CA - MX - South America - Asia

4780 I-55  100, Jackson, MS 39211


Investor relations and investor information request.

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