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Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently. We want sustainable mobility for everyone. That’s why we develop the Ecocar. The innovative AI, Solar, and Electric Vehicle Technology are significantly enabled by those who believe in us.


Think Smarter

Ecocar CEO

Arley Ballenger

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Arley is an experienced CEO with a history of working in various industries, including semiconductor FAB engineering, computer software, and Computer electronics and robotics technology. His extensive career in the United States Air-force has instilled an unrivaled sense of discipline, respect, and integrity that forms the cornerstone of all of his activities relating to Engineering.


A Message from the Ecocar CEO 

By changing the way we think about how we use, transportation and understanding the benefits of using self-charging solar-powered vehicles worldwide and its impact not only on the air we breath, but also on how it affects the global economy, at Ecocar we understand we can revolutionize the planet with renewable energy and at the same time make food and other items more affordable, more available, and have less impact on the planet that we all share.  We are very grateful and honored to be a part of this worldwide revolution for Independence and freedom from fossil fuels.  Lets change the world together.


Redefining Self Powered Solar Cars

I am currently the CTO at EcoCar Motors Inc. and am pleased with what we can do with automobile technology and abroad that will lead to becoming energy-efficient with fewer emissions! I really like figuring out how things work - how they'll impact the world and what their side effects are. Automotive research intrigued me because I wanted to constantly find ways of making it better and also how cars can improve our environment.

Elżbieta Cebeńko

Ecocar CTO


Elżbieta Cebeńko is a skilled engineer and businesswoman, who was born in Poland and currently resides in Rzeszów. Elżbieta has always been interested in the automotive industry, science, IT, and software engineering as well as solar electric cars and has a deep passion for science and technology. She is a skilled engineer with a strong technical background. This led her to become the CTO of Ecocar Motors Inc., where she is responsible for the technical aspects of the company, as well as being heavily involved in the business side. She is known for her proper communication skills, her problem-solving mind and her creativity. Elżbieta is a joyful and ambitious person, who is also easygoing and reliable. She is deeply honest and always strives to achieve her goals.
As CTO, Elżbieta is responsible for leading the technical team and overseeing all aspects of product development, from initial concept through to production and release. She has a deep understanding of the challenges involved in designing and manufacturing solar electric cars, and her previous experiences make her utterly qualified to be a part of our team.
She is a passionate advocate for eco-sustainable transportation, and she is committed to making Ecocar Motors Inc. a successful leader in the industry.

Our Journey So Far




with the future of uncertainty of our planet's resources, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build a company from the ground up, with the simple idea to be the future of clean emissions and technology for the automotive industry.



 AI algorithms and numerous sensors simulate a variety of human and beyond human capabilities. 


Redefining Self Powered Solar Cars

Nathan Nebraska is the current CCO of the Ecocar company. He was born into a family of high-achieving individuals has had a thrilling childhood, being the favorite child of his parents. He is highly educated in Finance, at Iowa State University studying finance and Mathematics and also working at a real estate company, where he has gained invaluable experience in customer research, communicating with company employees, and so on. Nathan's skills include customer research, communicating with company employees, and taking charge of customer experience metrics. His character traits include being highly intelligent, thoughtful, and mission-oriented for peace and equality. Nathan's ability to establish urgency and create a guiding coalition makes him an excellent communicator of vision and strategy.

Nathan Nebraska

Ecocar CCO



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